Lauren who?

5809_604184627048_748896_nThis photo was taken during my first summer in New York City interning for Bon Appetit magazine. We went to the annual Big Apple Barbecue Block Party and waited with hundreds of other people in line for some of the country’s best pulled pork.

Four years later, and I’m living full-time in NYC doing marketing for a photography website. I manage the company blog ( and joke with my team that my dream would be to blog about food photography all day. Turns out, there’s other types of photography they want me to cover, so I started this blog to document all my food lovin’ thoughts.

I love hunting for the perfect recipe, whether that’s a fresh strawberry pie or springtime pasta dish. Fortunately I live near the Union Square Farmers market, so I’m always bringing home fresh (and sometimes never before used) ingredients. Baking is my first love, but I’ve gotten more serious about cooking the savory stuff, too.

My photographer friends have been kind enough to shoot many of the foods you’ll see here. Otherwise you’re stuck with my amateur iPhone (cringe!) or Canon G12 photo skills. Enjoy!


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